Fishing rules

In the municipality of Ydre, located in southern Östergötland there lies a fishing system which consists of Östra Lägern’s deep, rocky-shored clearwater lake, Sjöarp-Öasjön’s forested shallow lakes, and the Bulsjö stream and small lakes. Together, these three smaller fishing conservation areas combine to form Ydre Fiske. The fishing experience in Ydre Fiske is enhanced by the wide variety of fish species present and the diverse locations for angling, all set in a beautiful natural setting in the scenic, hilly terrain at the edge of the southern highlands.

Fishing License Guidelines

Permitted gear: 

Fishing license holders can fish with bait, jigs or lures with a rod or fly rod. Maximum two lines per card. Trolling with deep rigs or any form of paravane is not permitted.

Catch Limit: 

Maximum of two trout per card per day.

Minimum size for catching trout is 50 cm.

Other species: no limit.

The catching of trout is prohibited from September 16th up to and including February 28th. All trout caught during the closed season must be released.

Other rules: 

  • Fishing may not be conducted closer than 50m from a private dock or residence unless special permission is obtained from the owner.
  • Fishing is not allowed in the proximity of fishing nets or other fishing gear that may be damaged.
  • The fishing license holder is responsible to keep informed of trout fishing seasons and which areas are closed to trout fishing. The license holder must be aware of when access is permitted to specific nature and bird protection areas.
  • The fishing license must be in your possession during your fishing trip and must be produced at the request of police, the fisheries supervisor or water-rights owners.
  • The fishing license is personal and non-transferable.
  • Children under 12 do not need a fishing license.

Respect Nature – do not litter! Be careful with fire. It is forbidden to light fires on exposed rocks. 

Note: Olstorp creek between Västra and Östra Lägern is located in a nature reserve and is not included in our fishing area.