Some history around East Lägern and excursions around

Some history around Östra Lägern and excursions to places in the neighborhood.

Around the lake Östra Lägern are about 20 farms that owns different parts of the lake.
The owners founded an association in the 1970 ‘s, for good sustainable fishing in the lake that also could give an income from fishing licenses.

In the northwest corner of Östra Lägern is the farm Olstorp. At Olstorp is electricity produced from the additional water from the Västra Lägern for over 100 years.
At Olstorp next to the road, there is an interesting historical description of the farm buildings and activities that have been made on the farm. The large main building was built in the 1780 ‘s.

On the northeastern side of the lake is the farm Forsnäs .
Also here is electricity produced from the water leaving Östra Lägern and runs down to Bulsjöån. The beautiful main building was built in the late 1700 ‘s.

In the middle of the lake is the largest island, Sundsö . On the small fields on the island was small grain produced until about 1970. The main building on Sundsö was built around 1750.

Close to Rydsnäs, in the southwest corner of the lake, belongs the fishing ground to Aggarps Gård. On Aggarps Gård there are possibilities to stay for tourists.
The main building , which was built in the 1840 ‘s but is not visible from the lake.

Ed farm is located in Östra Lägerns southeastern corner. The nice farm buildings can be seen from the lake and from the road 134. The main building was built in the early 1800 ‘s.

Two nice excursions that can be done, approximately 3 km east-southeast of Rydsnäs ,is the waterfall Brantefall, west of Sjöarpesjön, and Andrew Peterson’s memorial stone on the eastern side of Sjöarpesjön.
Andrew Peterson’s diary entries were Vilhelm Mobergs most important source of facts and inspiration when Moberg wrote his emigrant novels.

There are also several nice trails, especially suitable for bicycle , in Ydre in a small booklet called ” Biking in Ydre ” , available through Ydre Tourist Office or from the link: